If you need to wear prescription glasses, you’ll have to make a choice about the type of frames that you would like to wear. There are many different varieties to choose from, from budget brands to frames from well-known, highly revered designers including Gucci, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, and Jimmy Choo.

Unsurprisingly, designer glasses come with a higher price tag than off-brand frames. However, this isn’t without reason. Here are three distinct benefits to choosing a pair of designer glasses or sunglasses.


When you are investing in eyewear, you want your chosen glasses to last as long as possible. With a big reputation on the line, it’s no surprise that designer brands don’t scrimp on quality when it comes to the manufacturing of their products. Their frames are often made from the latest and most desirable materials, with many designers now opting for recycled or recyclable options to ensure their continued appeal to increasingly environmentally-aware consumers.


Designer brands pride themselves on being at the cutting-edge of fashion, so you know that when you choose them for your eyewear, your style is going to be on point. You don’t need to worry about wearing frames that are last season, and you can embrace the latest designs that define your look and personality. You can also feel more confident knowing that you are wearing the latest fashions.


There is a certain amount of prestige associated with wearing branded products, with some brand names demanding more attention than others. Nevertheless, many people enjoy the feeling of wearing a respected and sought-after brand name, particularly when they rely on glasses all of the time.

Other Things To Consider When Buying Designer Eyewear

It’s not just the quality, style, and brand name that you need to consider when buying designer eyewear. Here are some other factors:


We already know that designer frames are usually made from higher quality material than many budget versions. While this means that you need to make a bigger initial investment, they will almost certainly last longer too. This means that you won’t find yourself buying multiple pairs of frames due to breakages or damage, making designer frames a very worthwhile investment in your long-term vision.


Wider Availability Of Frames And Parts


If your glasses do need maintenance at any point, it’s usually much easier to get hold of the parts needed to successfully replace them. And it’s also worth noting that designer brands typically come with much longer warranties than generic, budget frames.

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the choice of a selection of different glasses frames, including some notable designer brands. These include:

  • Gucci
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Tom Ford
  • Maui Jim
  • Ray-Ban

You can find out more about our designer eyewear by checking out our product page.

To speak to us about choosing the right glasses for you, or to ask us about any of our designer frames, call Village Optical in New Hyde Park, New York at (516) 352-2316 today.


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