West Hempstead is a hamlet and census-designated place in Nassau County. The first time that West Hempstead on maps was as the name of a Long Island Railroad station in 1893. There are three railroad stations within its borders: West Hempstead, Hempstead Gardens, and Lakeview. The line continues to Valley Stream where it joins the Babylon Branch.

In 2001, there was a proposal to change the name “West Hempstead” to “Mayfair Park.” The community held a non-binding referendum on renaming the area and won by a 94-vote margin.

If you live in West Hempstead, your Zip code is going to be: 11552

In 1961, Nassau County dedicated Halls Pond Park to West Hempstead. It is now one of the leading parks of the hamlet. Slightly smaller, but equally important, the Echo Park holds a public indoor pool. The name of the pool comes from the town’s first four little league teams: Eagles, Cardinal, Hawks, and Orioles. The West Hempstead Public Library was established In 1956, but it was chartered by the State only in 1967. In 2007, the library finally completed its 28,000 square-foot facility.

Orville Wright Inventor of powered flight lived in West Hempstead in the early 1930s.

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