Eye And Vision Exams Provided By A New Hyde Park, NY Optometrist

Even if you aren’t experiencing problems seeing, you could have eye problems. Eventually, these issues lead to complications that are irreversible. We advise patients to see an optometrist regularly for routine examinations. At Village Optical, serving New Hyde Park, NY and the nearby region, we provide you with the routine examinations that keep you seeing clearly and your eyes healthy while also supplying you with the corrective eyewear.

Routine Examination Recommendations

We recommend that everyone come in for routine examinations, regardless of them having any noticeable vision or eye health problems. However, how frequently you visit our office depends on your age, vision level, and various other factors. For instance, children without any vision problems should have a routine screening every two to three years. If the kid has any vision problems, he or she needs to have routine vision examinations. Adults between the ages of 40 without any health problems should vision an optometry practitioner every two to three years. Adults between those ages with vision problems need to have a yearly examination. Adults who have diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, or a family history of vision problems should visit an optometrist every one to two years. Adults over sixty tend to need the care of an eye doctor every three to six months.

About Our Vision Screenings

A vision examination consists of our eye doctor asking you to look into lenses and read the lines of letters. Based on the results, our optometrist determines if you have a vision deficit and to what degree. This also helps our optometry practitioner diagnose certain eye health problems. A portion of the vision screening evaluates you for astigmatism. During this portion of the exam, you have to identify which one of two images are clearer.

About Our Eye Examination

Our doctor will look into your eye using a specialized magnifying glass. You’ll have to look into a series of machines that evaluate your eyes. One will blow air into your eye. By doing so, our practitioner can evaluate the pressure in your eyes.

Treating Your Vision And Eye Health Problems

Our optician helps you get the proper corrective eyewear for your vision problems. This portion of the exam consists of our optician sizing you for glasses. Additionally, we can size you for contacts and can even provide you with hard-to-fit ones. We may also assist by prescribing eye drops and utilizing other treatments to help you manage your eye health problems.

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