A lot of people have blurry vision and other issues due to nearsightedness and other refractive errors. For some of them, wearing a pair of eyeglasses is the ideal method of vision correction. But others also wear glasses to look smarter or complete their new look. Whether you’re looking for new eyewear to see better or make a fashion statement, there are four things you must consider:

  • Current Eye Condition. An estimated 11 million people over the age of 12 require vision correction in the United States. If you find it difficult to see, either up close or at a distance, you need to visit your eye doctor. Regular eye examinations are crucial to help you stay on top of your eye and vision health. They will assess your condition and prescribe the proper lens power to correct your vision.
  • The Shape of Your Face. Once your doctor has determined the prescription, it’s time that you pick the suitable frames. It would be best if you considered the shape of your face to choose the frame size and form that will best complement your features. For example, a square face is marked with a broad forehead and cheekbones and a rectangular jawline. You have to opt for round or oval-shaped frames to soften these strong, boxy features. In contrast, if you have a round face, it’s highly recommended to add dimension to your features with rectangular glasses. Whether your face is heart, oval, diamond, or triangular-shaped, the general rule of thumb is to select frames that contrast your face shape.
  • Lifestyle and Personality. Since you’d be wearing your new pair of eyeglasses regularly, you have to pick a pair that suits your personality and lifestyle. There are different colored frames and quirky shapes to match a funky vibe. There are also sleek designs for your business transactions. If you often drive at night or are used to working on a computer, glasses with an anti-reflective coating would be ideal. Other lens layer options include anti-scratch, color tint, gradient tint, mirrored tint, light-adjusting, polarized, water-repellent, and ultraviolet protective coatings. For sports enthusiasts or those who lead an active lifestyle, find a pair made from durable materials. An extra-resilient plastic known as polycarbonate is ideal as the unique frames are thin and lightweight. It usually comes in an aerodynamic shape, and its arms are also rubberized, providing a better grip.
  • Cost. Another essential consideration in picking the perfect pair of glasses is your budget. On average, an eyeglass can cost you $196 in the United States. The price ranges between $50 and $1,000. Several factors can drastically change the price. These include the kind of lens material and whether they’re single or multifocal lenses. Extra coatings usually mean additional cost. The cost will also depend on whether you’d prefer designer frames or not.

Do you need help selecting the right pair of eyewear that will suit your vision needs and aesthetic goals? At Village Optical, our team of qualified opticians will help you shop for the best glasses. Call our office today in New Hyde Park, New York, at (516) 352-2316 to make an appointment.


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