Get New Frames And Lenses In One Hour With Same Day Service

When you need a new prescription for your eyeglasses, it’s easy to tell. The days in between your eye appointment and the arrival of your new glasses can be frustrating as you know you’re living with inadequate glasses. However, now you can get your new glasses in an hour with same day service at Village Optical in New Hyde Park, NY.

In-House Equipment Produces What You Need

When you get new glasses at an optometry office that doesn’t create their lenses on-site, your order is sent to a laboratory with the correct equipment, your glasses are created, and then they’re sent back to the office. The transportation time alone can add several days to the order. When the optometrist has the equipment to edge and fit lenses in house, all that transportation time is eliminated, and the staff just needs to set up the equipment for your prescription and frame configuration.

Lens creation starts with a blank lens that is cut down to create the exact prescription you need. Once the prescription is in place and the lens conforms to what you need to see clearly, it’s time to cut the edges to fit your frames. Optometrists who have the right equipment can do all this themselves now, often in about an hour or so.

Same day service has one other big advantage: If something is wrong with the lenses or prescription — maybe the lenses are somewhat off-center in terms of having the right parts of the lens in front of your pupil — you can get the glasses remade right then, and you don’t have to send them away for a few more days.

Get Your Glasses Now!

At Village Optical in New Hyde Park, NY, we can make your lenses the same day that you get your new prescription. Contact us at (516) 352-2316 for more information.


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