The human retina is impressive! It is the “camera” of the eye, estimated to have more than 500 megapixels. It is wonderful we can have such an amazing vision, but it can develop problems. Our eye doctors at Village Optical in New Hyde Park, NY, always check the retina. Using retina imaging, we use the best in eye care technology to check the health of your eyes.

What Is A Retinal Scan Used For?

retinal scan is a photograph of the eye’s retina. Our sophisticated camera, the Optos California fa, is used to check for various eye conditions. The camera uses three different colors of light, of which each can show different details about your eyes and the retinas. Ideally, we won’t detect anything abnormal. With these scans, we can detect:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy, which can lead to blindness
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Glaucoma
  • Cardiovascular Disease, such as hypertension and atherosclerosis

How Is Retinal Imaging Performed?

The Optos California fa is a fantastic camera. It can take fast pictures that photograph up to 82% of your retina. Depending upon your eyes, you may or may not need eye dilation. Some situations may require us to use a dye, which can reveal certain eye-related problems.

Our optometrist will have you sit near the Optos machine with your head resting on its chin and forehead rests. The eye doctor will then ask you to look into the machine, first with one eye, then the other. The process is quick and simple. You will notice a brief flash of harmless light, and then the scanned images will appear on your doctor’s computer monitor.

The picture captures multiple layers within your eye’s retina, producing exquisite detail. It creates five types of images that highlight various retina components, ensuring that no eye disease escapes notice.

How Often Should You Have A Retinal Scan?

If you have had other retina scans before, we will compare the scans and look for changes. This is especially important for checking eye disease progression. AMD and glaucoma can take a long time, often decades, before you have apparent vision problems. If we have previous pictures of your retina, we can detect changes quickly to perhaps halt disease progression, saving your eyesight.

If you have very strong nearsightedness, you are much more vulnerable to having a retinal detachment. If you have had previous retinal scans, the eye surgeon will have far greater success at saving much of your eyesight.

Eye Care In New Hyde Park, NY

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