Finding eyeglass frames that look good is not as easy as you think. To someone getting glasses for the first time, it may seem like the optometrist has so many different frames that finding a pair should be a breeze, but it’s not that simple. If you want to find good frames that look nice on your face and not just on the rack at the eye doctor’s office, you should get personalized assistance from an optician. At Village Optical in New Hyde Park, you can meet with an optician to try on different styles and discuss why certain features may be better for you.

Small Changes And Big Differences

Frames for eyeglasses rely on your face shape, pupillary distance, nose bridge size, and more. The lenses have to be far enough apart or close enough together so that the center of the lens falls over your pupil, giving you the greatest range of vision possible. The shape of the frame shouldn’t clash with your face shape or appear too large or too small. You need to try on several frames to find the right fit and color.

An optician specializes in finding frames and putting together a lens package that best suits you and your prescription. You’ll spend some time with the optician, looking at styles and trying to find particular features that you’ve identified as the best for your face. The optician will then put together an order that describes the lenses and all the extras like anti-UV or anti-glare coatings, along with the particular frames you want. When the glasses are ready for you to pick up, you’ll get a call to meet with the optician again, and he or she will make minor adjustments to the frames as needed so they sit as perfectly on your face as possible.

Is It Time For Your Optometry Appointment?

Village Optical in New Hyde Park has a wide selection of frames that you can look through. Call us at (516) 352-2316 and set up an appointment for an eye exam and a consultation with an optician.


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