The village of North Hills has a reputation as a wonderful and private place to live, due to its beautiful homes and the local amenities like country clubs and golf courses. The area has long been home to prominent and successful residents. In fact, in the early 20th century, rail tycoon Nicholas Brady built one of the largest homes in the entire country in North Hills. Many other influential families, business people, and politicians have since called North Hills home. If you live in North Hills, your Zip code is going to be 11040.

The history of North Hills is also a fascinating one. Due to a geological phenomenon in prehistorical times, the landscape in North Hills is rocky. This is also the cause of one of the area’s natural wonders – The Shelter Rock. The Shelter Rock, the largest boulder on Long Island, became one of the defining features of the area as its population transitioned from Native American to English in the 17th century to American after the establishment of the United States. The land that is now North Hills, which for a long period was home to many verdant farms, eventually became an exclusive residential area beginning in the 20th century.

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