Mineola is a lovely, vibrant city in Nassau County. The name comes from an Algonquin word meaning a “pleasant village.” The middle, flat, lush part of Long Island was formerly called “Hempstead Plains.”

When the villages settled here in the 19th century, they were called the “Hempstead Branch.” In 1906 the region was legally incorporated and renamed “Mineola” and was governed by a president.

The flat plains in Mineola made it suitable for the Aero Club of America (currently National Aeronautic Association) for their aviation activities. Several famous pilots have used the plains of Mineola to their advantage. Charles Lindbergh began his memorable flight from nearby Roosevelt Field, Mineola on May 20, 1927, at 7:52 a.m. Thirty-three hours later he became the first person to complete a solo flight from the United States across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Paris.

If you live in Mineola, your Zip code is going to be: 11501

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., the former Chairman of IBM and former Chairman of the Carlyle Group, was born and raised in Mineola. He attended Corpus Christi Grammar School and Chaminade High School, both in Mineola. Kenneth Irvine Chenault the CEO and Chairman of American Express since 2001 was also born in Mineola.

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