The town of Hempstead in Nassau County is where Malverne is located. Very long ago, the first ones to settle in Malverne were the Rockaway Indians. The present-day Ocean Avenue was originally an Indian path. The first Western settlements were around the 1700s when the Abrams, Bedell, and Pearsall families migrated and began cultivating the area.

If you live in Malverne, your Zip code is going to be: 11565

Studies have shown that Malverne is one of the most secure neighborhoods in the country. In 2012, it was reported that statistically, it is the second-safest village in New York. Every year, on the first Sunday of December, the people of the community observe The Lighting of Malverne. It is celebrated with a parade along Hempstead Avenue attracting thousands of people from the village and the neighborhood. The entire business district remains dark until the Mayor and the board flip a switch and all the decorative holiday lights are turned on. This kickstarts the parade.

The original Brown Derby restaurant was first established in Malverne. It was a favorite among vaudevillians. A second Brown Derby was opened later in Los Angeles following the demise of Vaudeville. The L.A. joint became more famous than the original in Malverne.

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