At Village Optical, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to the latest when it comes to frames and lenses. In order to make this happen, we invest in the latest technology when it comes to lens edging. With the help of the optometry team from Village Optical in New Hyde Park, we will ensure you can see clearly for years to come.

An Overview Of Lens Edging At Village Optical

If someone is going to need corrective lenses to help with their vision, it is important to make sure these lenses are made appropriately for their needs. This is where lens edging is important. The process of lens edging is done to make sure that blank lenses are shaped and sized to fit the preferred frame. There are a few qualities of lenses that are going to do determine their overall corrective level.

Steps To The Perfect Lens

The most important aspects of lens edging are to make sure that the lens provides the correct level of vision correction as denoted by the prescription. Usually, a lensometer is used to check the power of the lens and a tracer is used to determine the dimensions and shape of the frame.

It is important to use lens edging to make the surface more resistant to a variety of possible environmental hazards. These include:

  • Issues with dust that might stick to the lens, making it uncomfortable and hard to see (dust resistance coat)
  • Water that might get in the eyes and cause the lenses to become cloudy (water resistance coat)
  • Oils that might stick to the lenses, causing them to slip (anti-smudge coat)

After the lenses are sized, shaped, and coated correctly, it comes time to fixing a mounting element on the lens to mount them to the glasses frame and ensure that the lens does not slip or fall out.

Finally, we also make sure that all of our equipment is maintained. We know that regular maintenance is one of the keys to making sure our equipment is able to produce high-quality lenses. This makes a difference in the quality of the final product. We want to ensure that we are giving you the best lenses that technology can produce.

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