Are you aware that about 45 million Americans wear contact lenses? Contact lenses are virtually unnoticeable, making them a good option for vision correction. They give you a wide field of sharp vision, the reason wearers prefer them over glasses. Some people mistakenly think that dry eye patients cannot wear contact lenses. The truth is that it is possible to manage dry eyes as you continue to wear contact lenses.

What Is Dry Eye?

A dry eye is a condition whereby your eyes fail to produce good quality tears to maintain lubrication and comfort. There are two prime types of dry eye:

  • Decreased tear production – This type of dry eye occurs when the eye fails to produce enough tears. Tears are responsible for keeping the eye well moisturized. Decreased tear production, also called keratoconjunctivitis sicca, results from aging, medical conditions, and select medications.
  • Increased tear evaporation – This type of dry eye occurs when the meibomian glands of the eye produce low-quality tears. It can also occur following the clogging of the glands. Posterior blepharitis, less blinking, eyelid issues, eye allergies, and vitamin A deficiency also cause this condition.

What Habits Can I Practice To Manage Dry Eye?

Wash Your Hands

Before touching your lenses, wash your hands well with mild soap and water. Using clean hands to handle your lenses is good practice. You will keep bacteria and other pathogens from reaching your eye. These bacteria and pathogens that transfer from your lenses to the eye can cause infections.

Do Not Sleep With Your Lenses On

Sleeping with your lenses on exposes you to corneal infections. It prevents your eyes from receiving a good supply of oxygen. Lacking enough oxygen in the eye promotes the breeding of bacteria and pathogens.

You can also develop corneal ulcers from corneal infections. Sleeping with lenses can also interfere with your natural tear film. This interference can make your dry eye condition worse.

Do Not Extend Your Wear Time

Your doctor will prescribe your contact lenses for a specific period. It would be best if you renewed your prescription when that time comes. Contact lenses collect debris over time of use. Even if you are keen on cleaning them regularly, this can still happen. The debris makes it hard for your tear film to spread across your eyeball. This can aggravate your dry eye condition even more.

Clean Your Lens Case Daily

It would be best to pour out the used solution daily and put it in a new batch. After you wear your lens, you should wash the case with lens solution. It would be best to place it upside down on a paper tissue to dry. Reusing the solution minimizes the effectiveness of the disinfectant in the solution. This can lead to issues like infection and inflammation. This is not good for your dry eyes condition.

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