If your child has difficulties with vision, some interventions can help. Some eye and vision problems may be obvious, but others are more difficult to detect. The type and severity of the condition will determine the best treatment.

Before turning to surgery or invasive treatments, you should consider therapy. Vision therapy at Village Optical can help treat various vision conditions that affect children. Look out for signs that will indicate that your child needs vision therapy.

Common Vision Problems

Vision dysfunction describes vision issues that affect how the eyes team up and work together. Vision therapy can help treat the dysfunction that includes several common vision problems.

Therapy helps address double vision, convergence insufficiency, amblyopia (lazy eye), crossed eyes, and irregular alignment (strabismus). Vision therapy can help deal with learning and reading difficulties.

Signs Of Vision Problems

Paying attention to your child as they study, work or play can help you note visual discomfort. Some signs indicate that your child has vision problems that a therapy program can treat. The signs include:

  • Poor spelling, reading, or writing ability.
  • Taking long to complete school assignments.
  • Short attention span when reading or doing homework.
  • Headaches and experiencing blurriness.
  • Abnormal mood swings.
  • Frustration with schoolwork.

Effective Vision Therapy

After a thorough evaluation, a specialist will determine if your child can benefit from vision therapy. Vision therapy is effective for a wide range of eye problems. The nonsurgical, doctor-supervised programs deal with specific vision issues.

The therapy programs are customized to suit the needs of each child. The treatment involves using specialized equipment and tools such as lenses, filters, prisms, and occluders. Eye exercises can also help improve the child’s vision.

Benefits Of Early Diagnosis

More than 25 percent of children have vision problems that go undetected. Regular vision screenings do not usually detect vision dysfunctions. Most people know the signs of poor visual acuity like myopia.

However, many parents and caregivers do not understand issues that require vision therapy. A vision problem diagnosis does not mean that the child needs glasses. Other solutions depend on the eye condition. Early diagnosis is vital for effective treatment.

Getting A Vision Therapy Doctor

Vision problems can affect a child’s academic and athletic performance. Almost 80 percent of a child’s learning requires visual skills. Knowing if your child needs vision therapy can help prevent low self-esteem, behavior problems, and years of struggle.

Good vision is essential for a child’s success in education and life. Vision problems can affect your child’s ability to perform well in school. As a parent, you can ensure that you protect your child’s eye health. Find a vision therapy doctor if you suspect that your child may require treatment.

For more on how to know if your child needs vision therapy, visit Village Optical at our office in New Hyde Park, New York. You can call (516) 352-2316 today to schedule an appointment.



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