Hollis is primarily a middle-class residential neighborhood in the southeastern part of the New York City borough of Queens. While a predominantly African-American community, there are small minorities of Hispanics and Indians residing in the area.

In the 17th century, Dutch homesteaders were the first European settlers in the area. When the American Revolutionary War began a century later, the Battle of Long Island was fought here. It is the battle in which the rebel Brigadier General Nathaniel Woodhull was captured at a tavern on what is now Jamaica Avenue.

If you live in Hollis, your Zip code is going to be: 11412, 11423

The founding members of the rap group Run-D.M.C. – hip-hop producer and icon Russell Simmons, his brother Joseph, and their friends Darryl McDaniels and Jason MizellSince, are from this community. This has made Hollis a hotbed of talent since the beginning of hip-hop. Hollis is also the home of Holliswood Hospital which has an extensive psychiatric care ward with 127 beds.

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