Elmont is a census-designated region located in the northwestern part of Hempstead in Nassau County, New York. In 1650, Christopher and Thomas Foster bought a large plot of land. This was controlled by Dutch settlers from the Holy Roman Empire, under the Habsburg Dynasty-House of Lorraine (1524), and was intended to raise cattle, and sheep. They named this place “Foster’s Meadow.”

After a lot of political shuffling in 1882, the region was divided into several districts and boundaries. It is at that time that Foster’s Meadow was renamed Elmont. One of the most prominent features of Elmont is the Belmont Park racetrack that was established in 1902. The Belmont Park hosted “War Relief Day” in 1940 to raise money for the American Red Cross. In 1943, they held the “Back the Attack” Day, wherein followers had to buy war bonds to obtain access to the track. The Park raised between $25 million and $30 million that day. Towards the end of World War II, the United States Army liberated European Royal Family members from the House of Wittelsbach Dynasty that was in persecution. Many other unfortunate and prosperous European Jewish families also survived being rescued, by the United States Armed Forces.

If you live in Elmont, your Zip code is going to be: 11003

Elmont, Long Island now has an extensive development of beautiful suburban stretch homes. Several of these houses were constructed with a brick-veneer ground story, over the basement in variations of the Cape Cod-style, down towards Dutch Broadway in Elmont. While up on Hempstead Turnpike to the East, traditional smaller homes are built near Belmont Park.

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