Eye doctors usually prescribe prism therapy to treat patients with double vision or those with binocular vision. The prisms can be used in regular daily wear glasses. The prisms can also improve the patient’s eye-brain connection and attention.

Prism therapy aims to improve the way light focuses on the retina resulting in clearer and more comfortable vision. The prisms deflect light, improving the focus. They can also alter the timing of when the light enters the eye.

Conditions Treated With Prism Therapy

Prism therapy is useful in treating several vision conditions. The conditions include strabismus or crossed eyes, vestibular disorders, motion sickness, and drooping eyelids. It is also used during vision therapy to help patients with learning disabilities and those trying to adapt to multifocal lenses.

Moreover, patients suffering from brain injury or head trauma can benefit from prism therapy. Prism lenses can help with eye movements, eye tracking, and eye-brain communication, which helps to enhance visual skills and sports performance.

How Prism Therapy Works

Prism therapy helps eye patients to get a clear vision. Using prisms creates alterations in the brain and eye, enhancing depth perception. The prisms allow objects to appear in different locations, which tricks the eye into aligned positioning.

The lenses enable more comfortable and clearer binocular vision. They also allow the doctor to measure the changes that occur during the exercises. Unlike other tools that restrict movement, patients can enjoy free movement during vision therapy exercises.

Prism Glasses For Double Vision

Double vision is a condition that occurs when both eyes are not properly aligned. This means that the eyes do not work together effectively, failing to work simultaneously in the same direction. This causes the brain to fail to process the visual input from the two eyes accurately.

This means that the brain cannot form a single clear image. The prism glasses work by moving the image, which corrects the alignment. They work by actively training the patient’s brain. The glasses can help to relieve visual symptoms, but therapy is necessary for long-term benefits.

Benefits Of Prism Lenses

Prism glasses are therapeutic tools that have several benefits. They help to alleviate diplopia, reduce stress, increase comfort, and improve efficiency. Thus, patients can increase their ability to perform tasks.

They also help to restore posture adaptation while providing protection and control against further problems. The doctor will need to specify the amount of prism and the direction of the base. Prism direction and amount are specific to each patient.

The Nervous System

Prisms alter the way light gets into the eye and brain. This means that they can have effects on the nervous system. They affect heart rate, breathing, attitude, and muscle tonicity. As a result, the patient can enjoy improved posture, balance, movement patterns, gait, and depth perception.

Double vision can be an indication of a serious health issue. It is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing the problem. The doctor can determine whether prism therapy will work for you.

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