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Serving the New Hyde Park area, Village Optical knows how important vision is to the overall quality of life. Computer vision syndrome is common in many people, but our experienced optometrist can help you out. Our optometry team is here to help with appointments, advice, diagnosis, and treatment for any vision problems.

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Regardless of the name, computer vision syndrome is more than blurry vision when spending too long on a computer. Also known as digital eye strain, a computer vision syndrome is a group of vision-related problems that stem from prolonged use of digital screens and requires the attention of an eye doctor.

It is more than excessive computer use that causes computer vision syndrome. Extended use of tablets, e-readers, and cell phones will lead to problems related to digital eye strain.

Symptoms include:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Excessively dry eyes
  • Mild to acute neck and shoulder pain

Even after putting the cell phone down, some continue to experience symptoms of CVS. An optometrist will need to look and advise on treatment when symptoms persist.

Causes Of Digital Eye Strain

When looking at digital screens, your eyes must work harder to focus and function. Cell phones are smaller than computers, which make them even harder on the eyes.

The causes of computer vision syndrome include:

  • Bad lighting
  • The glare on digital screens
  • Improper viewing distances
  • Poor standing and seating posture when viewing
  • Uncorrected vision problems
  • A combination of all the factors

Treatment Of Computer Vision Syndrome

Even on the onset of CVS symptoms requires a visit to your optometrist. They will take a patient history, measure visual acuity, and test how your eyes focus, move, and work together.

In some cases, undetected vision problems will require a visit to an optician. Glasses or contacts may be the solution to blurry vision in the long term.

The best approach is to reduce your digital screen time, which includes cell phones, and visit an eye doctor if symptoms persist for possible therapy.

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