Situated in both the Town of Oyster Bay and the town of North Hampstead on the North Shore of Long Island, Old Westbury is an elite village in Nassau County.

Old Westbury was founded by Edmond Titus, and by Henry Willis. When Henry Willis settled in Westbury, he wanted to name it after a town in his home county of Wiltshire, England. Until the railroad arrived in 1836, Westbury had been a Quaker community of isolated farms. The current Village of Old Westbury was established in 1924, separating itself from Westbury. The neighboring area housed many of the families of the construction and building staff for the Old Westbury mansions.

If you live in Old Westbury, your Zip code is going to be: 11545, 11568

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked Old Westbury as the second “richest” town in the United States, trailing behind only Palm Beach, Florida in 2011. In 2007 it was titled New York’s most expensive suburb by Business Week. The Old Westbury Gardens was rated one of the three best public gardens in the world by Four Seasons Hotels magazine. When Forbes asked billionaire investor Steven Schonfeld what the “wisest investment” he ever made was, his answer was “Old Westbury land.”

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